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Electric suction device Victoria Lipos

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Electric suction device Victoria Lipos is the strongest Victoria model. High performance solution designed particularly for operating theatres, hospital wards, and ICUs. Set includes a mobile stand with the stainless eurorail and four nonmarking casters with safety brakes.

  • designed for continuous operation (EN 60601-1 ed. 2, EN ISO 10079-1 ed. 2)
  • free air flowrate 50 ± 5 l/min
  • exceptionally silent operation
  • 6 year warranty on the vacuum pump
  • low maintenance requirements
  • german oilless vacuum pump
  • reliable and vibration-free run
  • vacuum pump is cooled by extra fan
  • sturdy, fire retardant casing with UV protection
  • colour coded gauge for safe vacuum management
  • overflow protection
  • illuminated on/off switch
  • antistatic casters - optional
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