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PXP-60HF Poskom Portable X-ray

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Compact size, efficient and light weight x-ray system.
KW : 3.2KV/Ma: 100/60.
KV range: 40 -100 1Kv step.
mAs range / No. of step: 0.4 -100/25
Tube Focal spot (mm): 2.0
Collimator Lamp: 150W/24VSID: 2M
Line power: 220-240Vac
Phase frequency: Single Phase, 50/60Hz
APR: 8Weight: 14.6 kg
Easy mobility for outdoor radiography.
Exclusive remote control function by hand switch.
Clean diagnostic images by excellent high frequency technology.
Strong body against external shock and contamination.
Secure and easy to grip metal handle
Remote controller by hand switch, flat touches panel and digital display.
Display reverse switch built in SID measurements tape, SID scales 2M.
Silver carrying case and power plug.
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