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DR Perform-X-Single detector Control-X X-ray

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With floor mounted tube support
Universal Digital Radiographic System
Conventional system, full DR components
Best-in-class image quality
Flexible connectivity to PACS system
The machine will be deliver with configuration :
Generator : APEX 650 HF LC integrated generator SW 630 Ma /150kv
630 ma@80kv ,500ma @100kv 50kw HF
AEC option
Table : PHOENIX elevating table with 55-85 cm height adjustment four way floating top 43x43 cm full size flat panel removable 85 l/ cm grid and GC included
Tube stand : TS 99 floor mounted tube stand rotation x-ray tube 180 cm longitudinal travel with electric locks
x-ray tube : RAD 68 150 kVp, 14° 0.6-1.2 F.S 300KHU , 3'' Anode with trunnion ring
collimator : Ralco R 108 certificated manual collimator halogen light with swivel mount
H.V.Cables : 10 m cable pair
Wall stand : WS 99 Vertical Bucky stand , full cover , 85L/cm removable grid and grid cabinet included
Imaging package : APEX integrated generator and image acquisition /enhancement system 19/21'' TS monitor dual core PC workstation
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