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EB05 Heal force Electrosurgical generator

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EB05 electrosurgical generator offers a maximum power output of 400 watts.
It featured 10 different power setting.
7 monopolar and 3 bipolar outputs are available.
The electrosurgical generator ensures smooth cutting through all types of tissue.
It realizes automatic recognition of return electrode, whether solid or spilt.
It offers automatic current monitoring and program memory functions.
The argon module is optional for enhanced cutting and coagulation.
Automatic power adjustment and compensation for tissue variation.
Return electrode monitoring (REM) system.
TURP, TUVP capability.
Up to 3 different instruments can be configured simultaneously.
Optional adaptor for laparoscopy and thoracoscopy application.
The electrosurgical generator has an easy to use interface.
It features isolated output, all floating.
Combines safety and effectiveness for a broad range of electrosurgical needs.
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