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H300 BTL Holter

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3-channel recorder 7 days.
The communication between the module and PC is wireless for an easy & Fast operation.
The patient's comfort is ensured by minimum dimensions & low weight of the unit.
The unit keeps the record in the memory even if the power supply is disconnected and enables multiple reading; thus any possibility of losing an examination is eliminated.
Main features:
• 3-channel ECG Hollter for 1-7 days monitoring.
• High signal quality, sampling rate of 2000Hz with 16 bit resolution
• Powerful diagnostic engine helps the physician save precious time in examinations
• Displayed information is straightforward and clear
• Self-contained Display: The ECG signal is directly displayed on the unit, so the user is able to check signal quality immediately without relying on a PC connection.
• Navigation by Extremes: There is no need to waste time going through entire ECG records. With our extreme navigator, critical parts of ECG recording are displayed first. Returning to extreme values at any time is easy.
• Interactive Graphs: Users can edit the recording directly from the graph view, rather than having to examine the graph, and then locate the corresponding signal point, and then modifying the recorded signal. Graphs can easily be resized so users can focus on points of interest.
• Interactive Histograms: This is our most time-efficient feature. Using these interactive views, the user can navigate through graphs by critical values. Editing multiple parts of recording is done with a single click.
• Morphology Navigator with Multilevel Templates: Complex and deep analysis gives very clear and easy-to-understand results through our multi-level template display. Quick and easy navigation allows the user to get very precise results with maximum comfort in minimal time.
• Rhythm Analyzer: This tool is designed to give the user a clear overview of any event in the ECG rhythm. This tool allows both display and quick, direct editing, and several types of ventricular and supraventricular rhythm events are highlighted for the user. Hourly quantity values are shown, and exact time positioning makes looking for relations between various events much easier.
• HR Variability: This tool displays the HR in the form of statistical markers. All are interactive for faster and more direct work.
• ST Analysis: This displays ST levels for all channels throughout the entire recording period. ST changes can be directly compared with HR trend.
• Fully customizable: The software is customizable, so that every physician can find and implement the most appropriate options for his/her work style. With this, quick and easy operation is guaranteed – the user only sees what he wants to see, exactly where he wants it. In addition to tools, color schemes can also be selected to the user’s taste.
• Recording time : 1 - 7 days
• Number of channels : 3or 7channel
• Patient cable : 4 leads
• Data transmission : Wireless,USB
• LCD screen resolution : 128 × 64 dots
• Storage medium : SD card 2GB
• Dynamic range : ± 60 Mv
• Digital resolution : 1.8 µV
• Sampling frequency : 2000 Hz
• Frequency range : 0.05 Hz – 150 Hz
• Maximum electrode potentials : ± 400 mV
• Common mode rejection : > 100 dB
• Pacemaker detection : ? ± 2mV/± 0.1ms
• Batteries : Alkaline 2xAA 1.5V or 2x Ni-Cd or NiMH 1.2V
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