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Stress ECG BTL

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Multi-channel ECG recorder with storage capabilities and built in rechargeable battery.
Printing system: High resolution thermal head printer.
Graphical Display show ECG wave form (1 channel).
Recording Channel: 3 channels.
Built in thermal printer.
AC/ DC operation.
Size of paper 5.8mm.
ECG storage 6 patient.
12 simultaneous standard leads (on the PC).
Fully automatic exercise testing program.
Exercise ECG analysis program.
Able to be configurable for 3, 6, 12 channel report format.
HR alarm.
Real time ST analysis & HR trends.
Standard protocols (elected – Bruce – Bulked – Cooper – Naught ions).
Rhythm recording.
Review & measurement of all stored data.
Automatic & manual calculation.
Network connectivity.
Update software for the following :
S/w of HOLTER.S/w of Spirometer with PC.
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