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Uvent AS UTAS Ventilator

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For adult, pediatric and neonate ,2ML tidal volume.
Integrated  high flow nasal canula 80 L/M
Unlimited lifetime O2 sensor
High-resolution touch LED 12"+ 22" color display (optional)
· Built-in SpO2 and CO2 modules (optional)
· Static and dynamic compliance
· Simultaneously active flow and pressure triggers
· Wide range of expiratory trigger sensitivity settings
· Work of breathing calculation
·  Automatic altitude, compliance and resistance Compensation
·  Auxiliary pressure monitoring (Pes, Ptr/Paux) OPTIONAL
· Integrated aerosol therapy system
·72 hours scalable trends of all monitored data
· Device and patient circuit self-test
·  Event log 10.000 records
·  Built in Li-ion battery
·  Workspace ergonomics - basket, patient circuit hanger, medical mounting rail, electric splitter

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