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VT-5230 Aeonmed Ventilator

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With 15” TFT touch screen and simple intuitive interface, the user can easily complete the entire operation.
Guide-way operation function boots the operation efficiency and patient safety.
The unique Ventank pneumatic system ensures the accuracy of oxygen and gas delivery.
Metal made autoclavable exhalation valve with built-in flow sensor fulfills the needs of low maintenance cost.
Typical ventilation mode with BIVENT and PRVC, fully meet the demands of critical care mechanical ventilation.
Waveforms and loops display with powerful monitoring function gathers comprehensive patient information.
Complete manual interventions include inspiratory and expiratory hold, manual ventilation, synchronized nebulizer and smart suction.
VT5230 can be updated through Internet or USB ports.
Efficient transport of patient information meets the need of digital hospital.
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